Mobility Tech Green's e-Colibri solution become a Multimodal Platform

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Rennes, le

28 November 2017

Mobility Tech Green's e-Colibri solution become a Multimodal Platform

Specialising in car sharing for companies and local authorities, Mobility Tech Green is now upgrading its e-Colibri solution, to become a multimodal platform. This means it will now offer users car-sharing, car-pooling, public transport and chauffeur services on one single interface. A unique innovation in Europe for BtoB! Let’s take a closer look…

It has taken over ten months of Research and Development to complete this multimodal platform project, which brings together all the mobility services a company might need. In order to offer a complete range, Mobility Tech Green is working with various service providers – around ten of them for the moment, although this number is set to rise. Around ten new partners are likely to join the project every quarter.

In concrete terms, Mobility Tech Green will be moving the e-Colibri solution towards this multimodal platform on a case-by-case basis in line with customer demand. The company may decide to add its own service providers to it, such as a vehicle cleaning or convoying, for example.

“This platform idea arose from a number of discussions with our customers and other large groups. As mobility becomes increasingly connected and shared, we realised there is a need to develop this type of service. We have remained attentive to our market and we are now pleased to see that there is real interest from companies,” explains Pascal Roux, CEO of Mobility Tech Green.

What the company is deploying today is therefore a real innovation. To date, no equivalent platform exists in Europe within the framework of BtoB mobility. In Nordic countries, several solutions are emerging within local authorities, particularly for public transport. With its platform, Mobility Tech Green enables companies to benefit from a complete service and great ease of use.

“Our platform is therefore moving to PaaS – Platform as a Service. The idea is no longer to regard e-Colibri as a tool, but as a real everyday service for businesses,” concludes Pascal Roux.



Mobility Tech Green develops and markets a range of global technological solutions (onboard equipment, computerised management, mobile applications) for car-sharing and self-service vehicles. Mobility Tech Green was founded as the result of a previous car-sharing initiative in Rennes, City Roul’, which Pascal Roux set up in 2002. In order to pursue technical development and enhance its funding potential, the company was established in May 2009 with the primary objective of marketing its technology. Known as e-Colibri, Mobility Tech Green’s solution is now used for managing many vehicle fleets, including those of Orange, Zencar, Ineo (GDF Suez), Assystem, Nantes Métropole, Greater Angoulême, and Tellis, in the Canton of Jura.

For more information, see www.mobilitytechgreen.comand find the latest news and views on car sharing on the MTG blog.