Mobility Tech Green, winner of Business France’s Mobility Connection Tour competition

Communiqué de presse

Rennes, le

10 May 2017

Mobility Tech Green, winner of Business France’s Mobility Connection Tour competition

Organised by Business France, the Mobility Connection Tour competition enables the winning companies to accelerate their commercial development in Nordic countries, via a custom programme. Mobility Tech Green, specialising in the management of car-sharing fleets for companies and local authorities, is the 2017 winner. This represents a wonderful opportunity, in line with the international development objectives of the Breton company.

The year 2017 looks likely to bring lots of good news for Mobility Tech Green! After announcing fundraising of 5 million euros in February, intended in particular to support its international development, the company has now won the Mobility Connection Tour competition, the purpose of which is precisely to help develop a commercial undertaking in the Nordic countries. 

Mobility Tech Green had already set its sights on this zone, and the company was planning to set up there in the near future, due to the extent of its new mobilities market. Furthermore, these countries are pioneers in the field of ‘intelligent transport systems’ on the European continent. With a population of some 5.2 million people, Norway currently has the highest number of electric cars of any country in the world, for example (the market accounted for 16% of new vehicle sales in 2016). “Projects and experiments in the green mobility sector are emerging on an almost-daily basis in the Nordic countries, where there is public support for the collective consumption of goods and services. However, company car sharing is not yet very widespread, and represents real development potential. We are delighted to have the opportunity to offer our solution and provide our expertise,” explains Alexandre Fournier, the company’s Marketing and Communications Director.

e-Colibri, the fleet management solution developed by Mobility Tech Green which was put forward for this competition, won over the panel, made up of local Danish, Swedish and Finnish decision-makers. The custom programme produced by Business France will support the company with deployment in these countries, notably by means of contract proposals or business link-ups. The next stage involves a mentoring session with French entrepreneurs based in the Nordic market, after which meetings will be organised with key partners and decision-makers in the sector. Each meeting will be preceded by a coaching session aimed at providing a better understanding of the business customs and practices in the Nordic countries.



Mobility Tech Green develops and markets a range of global technological solutions (onboard equipment, computerised management, mobile applications) for car-sharing and self-service vehicles. Mobility Tech Green was founded as the result of a previous car-sharing initiative in Rennes, City Roul’, which Pascal Roux set up in 2002. In order to pursue technical development and enhance its funding potential, the company was established in May 2009 with the primary objective of marketing its technology. Known as e-Colibri, Mobility Tech Green’s solution is now used for managing many vehicle fleets, including those of Orange, Zencar, Ineo (GDF Suez), Assystem, Nantes Métropole, Greater Angoulême, and Tellis, in the Canton of Jura.

For more information, see www.mobilitytechgreen.comand find the latest news and views on car sharing on the MTG blog.