Mobility Tech Green raises five million euros and accelerates its development

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Rennes, le

23 February 2017

Mobility Tech Green raises five million euros and accelerates its development

A specialist in managing car-sharing fleets for businesses and local authorities, Mobility Tech Green has obtained an initial funding round of 5 million from Financière Fonds Privés. This is an important stage for the startup, which will allow it to pursue its growth and strengthen its investments, both in R&D and at commercial level. This fundraising is accompanied by the launch of a new driver identification product: Who Drives. 

2017 looks like being a great year for Mobility Tech Green! The company, which announced a turnover of 1.5 million euros for the non-calendar financial year 2015/2016, looks set to achieve its target of 3 million euros in 2017. Large-scale partnerships have just been signed, notably with La Poste and, more recently, Modulauto. With 1500 vehicles now equipped with its e-Colibri solution, and over 30,000 active users in Europe, Mobility Tech Green is without question a high-potential player in the car-sharing market.

This significant fundraising will enable the company to double its workforce in 2017. Sales agents, engineers and project managers are currently being sought.

The strengthening of its sales force will support the doubling of the number of vehicles equipped with e-Colibri in 2017. Mobility Tech Green currently has an order book for more than 10,000 vehicles in which its solution will be deployed within the next three years. The startup, which already operates in Belgium and Switzerland, also plans to export its expertise and know-how to the United Kingdom and Italy, in the form of partnerships and joint ventures.

The trust which Financière Fonds Privés has placed in us will enable us to move up a gear.  Today, our ambition is to evolve towards the more global market of business mobility. We are working on several R&D projects at the moment, and are today announcing the availability of a service which can be used to identify drivers, called Who Drives,” explains Pascal Roux, CEO of Mobility Tech Green.

Who Drives: a market first

With the law now requiring companies to communicate to police services the identity and address of employees who have committed road traffic offences, Mobility Tech Green presents Who Drives, an original solution which automates driver identification for non-assigned vehicles.

The operating method is very simple: the user enters a pin code into a box added to the vehicle (or via a company fob). If the code is recognised, the engine immobiliser is deactivated and the driver can go. The information is then sent directly to a management back office, for the attention of the vehicle fleet administrator. In the event of a road traffic offence, the fine is recorded and all essential information related to the exemption request is automatically transmitted to the ANTAI.  

Since 1 January, there has been very high demand, because companies may be fined if they are unable to communicate this information. With Who Drives, the entire process of dealing with fines is simplified: on the one hand, the procedure becomes smoother for administrators, and on the other, the company gains productivity,”  concludes Pascal Roux.

With this new product, Mobility Tech Green is opening up to the global business mobility market.




Mobility Tech Green develops and markets a range of global technological solutions (onboard equipment, computerised management, mobile applications) for car-sharing and self-service vehicles. Mobility Tech Green was founded as the result of a previous car-sharing initiative in Rennes, City Roul’, which Pascal Roux set up in 2002. In order to pursue technical development and enhance its funding potential, the company was established in May 2009 with the primary objective of marketing its technology. Known as e-Colibri, Mobility Tech Green’s solution is now used for managing many vehicle fleets, including those of Orange, Zencar, Ineo (GDF Suez), Assystem, Nantes Métropole, Greater Angoulême, and Tellis, in the Canton of Jura.

For more information, see www.mobilitytechgreen.comand find the latest news and views on car sharing on the MTG blog.